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Wine Tweets
RT @johnWKYC: Have been drinking a great tasting wine. Cabernet Sauvignon by Justin. Very good!!! https://t.co/qKj6JhAJgJ

Twitter: @holliesmiles

RT @LoriDV_: Harlem & Riesling

Twitter: @Copastetik

Trader Joe's Pinot Grigio win is actuallf made from sugar and the tears of white people watching The Bachelor.

Twitter: @isabelariza559

#Purdue #BigTen Purdue University Cue Rack Chardonnay Finish Wood Rack http://t.co/HHvGNiI4WY #Boilermakers

Twitter: @holidayhqteam

RT @pakman: Twitter's over-reliance on celebrity ruins Moments. https://t.co/o3AqpgXqoz http://t.co/kPefgKTpER

Twitter: @adhyambo

RT @TheRedPot: 5 Tips for Storing & Ageing #Champagne & Sparkling Wine from @GlassOfBubbly http://t.co/xRM8XXVegi #DIY http://t.co/vTHjcGJm…

Twitter: @GlassOfBubbly

My sister is like 'can I have a bottle of white Sauvignon blanc'. Well yes, yes you can

Twitter: @artofstumbling

RT @Country___Lyric: So bring on the sunshine, to hell with the red wine, pour me some moonshine. #GeorgeStrait

Twitter: @TrentonConley2

New Arrival, LONDON. Available In Black, Rose & Wine #TSU #mtsu #tsuhomecoming2015 #tsuhomecoming #tsuhomecoming2k15 http://t.co/HOGxpFbuWV

Twitter: @mackimonline

Let's crack out the Malbec, just to be sure. 🍷😉 https://t.co/20YPSr3tng

Twitter: @FreyjasWines

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