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Picked up a lovely riesling & late harvest sauvignon blanc. #Canberrawinecountry @ Yarrh Wines http://t.co/WRhIvZ34AN

Twitter: @meetthenewblack

Wow. Unleavened bread and red wine really make me gassy. Good thing Fr. Robertson went heavy on the incense.

Twitter: @Shank_n_Bake00

The 2008 Standing Stone Vidal ice wine was just outstanding. Orange peel and burnt sugar, finish that went on and on. @SSVNY

Twitter: @coneslayer

Bloodwood #riesling - bloody good drop! @ Tonic Restaurant http://t.co/bCjy3mGXmZ

Twitter: @RobertaMuir

The answer to "who drank all the Chardonnay!" @ChrisScottCRW http://t.co/W3dx2is4ba

Twitter: @Mitchybellz

RT @S_C_: RT @MileyCyrus Call it what you want. But I don't see Mr. Carter shoutin any of you bitches out. #twerkmileytwerk [#factsonly]

Twitter: @SHIRAZ_R

Awesome wine, friend brought this from California. Wine from Unruly via @Vivino: http://t.co/awcr6GNbU6

Twitter: @611700

Cheers and Happy Easter! “@drew_hauser: Thanks for the lovely tasting today. We took home Pinot, Reisling, Sparkling and Syrah.”

Twitter: @Winemakersboots

@_Pinot_Grigio u like them

Twitter: @RealScottBoyett

If you want to make me happy, buy me white wine

Twitter: @jennalocascio

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