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Riesling, Syrah and Zinfandel tasting | New Stuff http://t.co/YvXwGJdfjx

Twitter: @rossowineshop

It's a red wine kinda day in Cpt. Try DG Pinot Noir with herb chicken, veal, venison or tender lamb dishes. Cheers! http://t.co/ehb5OeA0V6

Twitter: @degrendelwines

Trick or Treat...Dry or Sweet!! Wine & Candy tasting on Halloween Friday, 11am - 7pm in the Tasting Room!! http://t.co/Fc21nN89D9

Twitter: @HillsboroWine

#prosecco Valdobbiadene sparkling #wine grew 11.4% in value in 2013 according to the District Research Center. http://t.co/iM9xYOvxnR

Twitter: @3FItaly

Cabernet Sauvignon all the way fron Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island. ­čŹĚLego! http://t.co/b7f3C4tp8U

Twitter: @KimBuenaventura

@tonycaseychef hey Tony - all good here man. Was at PH for lunch yesterday. Have cousins in Bath so will tell them to check out the pop up.

Twitter: @red_wine_baron

Port-wine stain type species weighbridge: xLsY http://t.co/1t2uzHQwO2

Twitter: @ArthurM81986387

RT @winespecschool: Defining high-altitude Malbec: brilliant intensity @CatenaMalbec #pioneer #NYWE14 @WineSpectator http://t.co/COqxTePvRE

Twitter: @VinoPrincessXO

if I had a child I wouldn't even be on social networks . ima always be focused on myself and my child !

Twitter: @Sipp_ChardonNAY

Home Deals #5532 : http://t.co/TGLV1RV1EI Virtual Sun 32 Gallon 45 Micron Bubble Bag White Herbal Ice Wine Repl... http://t.co/UlaaGT9esq

Twitter: @CandiOfferz