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Wine Tweets
My mom just tried to compare Asian beer with IPA but I was like, that's like comparing red wine with white wine. You can't do it directly

Twitter: @lingyeewong

My day consisted of applying for jobs, my night consisted of watching bachelorette, online shopping and finishing a bottle of merlot. #old

Twitter: @MorganMurphy_22

Domestic sparkling #wine seems to be more popular than ever. http://t.co/jIQjcRnUxv Hear the Now And Zin #Wine Report!

Twitter: @randyfuller1

Citrus White Wine Sangria http://t.co/gXEMBP2UHe via @MarBaird

Twitter: @Spafloating

Sauvignon Blanc has got me deep in my thoughts tonight. 🍷

Twitter: @allisynfreeman

RT @chasecameron_: A tip for unseasoned guys: Precook a pasta. When she arrives act busy w/ dinner, give her a glass of chardonnay.

Twitter: @BestHumanTalent

A glass of Riesling X Cruella X Nars X long day 💋 #nars #love https://t.co/8nodUijOtv

Twitter: @msAlexa_Rae

Canada is famous for its ice wine – made from pressed frozen grapes. It's usually served as a dessert wine.

Twitter: @CassandraPeca

RT @globalfoodbook: New post (Versare Cabernet ...) has been published on Global Food Book http://t.co/PDWvURoI2i #FOOD http://t.co/ZOyV3…

Twitter: @MickieCrocker

I was invited here for dinner not some Indiana Jones Zinfandel hunt

Twitter: @L_Wesss