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RT @waitrosewine: And here's a bunch of our Chardonnay grapes, growing nicely for the next vintage of the Leckford sparkling wine... http:/…

Twitter: @champodelux

@rrrachellouise I'll have to give it a try next time I go to aldi, it better be sweet hah. Idk google said that moscato is a sweet wine??

Twitter: @FagansFinds

Damn it I shouldn't say but I just cooked a delicious meal....and now to finish the Pinot Grigio #welldeserved

Twitter: @MsWillsz

For our next bottle this evening, a lovely Riesling from Josef Balles & Sohn. #wine #MoselWine @… http://t.co/wkvIVBzFkp

Twitter: @Mrs_Beamer

Nothing like our first time..

Twitter: @syrah_12

The 2009 Iconoclast Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa. This Four Seasons private label continues to show… http://t.co/5NDUlpX2he

Twitter: @ChuckParkerWine

Wine & Brunch Ideas - French Toast & Pinot Gris http://t.co/gzQudUetGG http://t.co/uvoH4ld1iG

Twitter: @FairyWineMother

@_TuEsBelleMoi me u amber 2 bottles of moscato 😕

Twitter: @Abbyloco

Cannot wait for carrigans and rose wine tonight. Fling them in me.

Twitter: @ChunkOfLove1

Now settled in front of the TV watching the speedway World Cup from K/Lynn. Hoping to celebrate an GB win. (with a glass or 2 of Merlot!)

Twitter: @chriscrofts