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In case you missed it...Ron Burgundy scotch tasting and a couple of good looking fellows http://t.co/a1eZw07XWQ

Twitter: @ScotchTestDummi

Call me Ron Burgundy, y'all the other anchorman

Twitter: @Devbearofficial

RT @godlytommo: I'm gonna make t-shirts that say Burgundy Meatloaf get ready y'all

Twitter: @incessantlou

RT @Youreweird: Burgundy lipstick makes me look like a bitch lol

Twitter: @juuliaguulia_13

Wow it's a baby.. #craddlerobbing #grandcru #burgundy #cortonalldaylong #1999 and #friedchicken from… http://t.co/krXWpc9HuO

Twitter: @niquesomm

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