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Tweets on Chardonnay
My ridiculous timepiece just told me to stand up so I've left the office and come into the kitchen to pour myself a glass of Chardonnay #win

Twitter: @branchearner

@itvthismorning #Name Our Dog hello I think your new dog should be called Chardonnay as Its a lovely name for a girl dog :)

Twitter: @StephEhm93

@itvthismorning #NameOurDog I know it's more than two syllables but call her Chardonnay to annoy a certain someone (Hopkins!)

Twitter: @PATVOne1

RT @MaisonLiedberg: Is #chardonnay the marmite in wine terms? People seem to love it or hate it. We’re talking about it in our #wineblog ht…

Twitter: @DorkingBBG

RT @MaisonLiedberg: If you’re choosing a #whitewine would you choose a #chardonnay? It’s the hot topic on our latest #wine #blog http://t.c…

Twitter: @DorkingBBG