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@PowerFromPort @michelangeloruc watch out they will flick latte froth and empty chardonnay bottles at you. and blue rinse bottles #slowcrows

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From Peloponese's foothills and 500m of altitude: 'Lantides Chardonnay 2013 PGI' - Good aromatic persistence.

Twitter: @East_of_Aldgate

@winsordobbin @hardyswine hopefully Eileen Chardonnay 👌

Twitter: @marrageelong

Off to work I go

Twitter: @Chardonnay_Luvv

RT @_SakBoyLilTwan: Protect Her, Fight For Her, Kiss Her, Love Her, Or Laugh With Her. But Don't Make Her Fall, If You Don't Plan To Catch …

Twitter: @Chardonnay_Luvv

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