White Wine
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Pizza and a glass of white wine.. #livingthedream ☺️ haha

Twitter: @ManLikeJapp

Fettuccine, veggies, and white wine Alfredo sauce. Yah. I made it. :D http://t.co/C5NmlhEzA0

Twitter: @osnapitstracy

Brine all the way Ive never made a dry turkey because of that fact Orange juice, ginger, white wine, spices yu

Twitter: @scaupmg96Lubosm

Wrapped! RT @yummy_vivi: Ok then... “@HendraAgus1708: Red .... "@yummy_vivi: Red or white wine..."”

Twitter: @maxdaniell

RT @chillsitch: white sand, white clouds, white wine ;)

Twitter: @YoMRWHITE____

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