White Wine
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RT @KamilyKlamer: I will be walking around in this, holding a glass of wine, on my white marble floors in about 10 years https://t.co/jTeES…

Twitter: @dye_mallory

RT @TheBlackHermit: Probably the best white wine I had this year. https://t.co/qCToyREQpm

Twitter: @LeslieG_M

RT @rosstafarian77: Who needs a White Christmas when we can have a Wine Christmas???!

Twitter: @astromarnie

The Sprite mix with white wine got the fam hook

Twitter: @Jahpuffa

RT @voguelence: A rich bitch that spends her days alone in her home, sipping white wine and traveling across the world https://t.co/OXJWFX0…

Twitter: @peebstheman